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Owner + Floral Designer

Vanessa is the owner and floral designer behind the Crooked House Flower Co. Since 2017 she has been growing cut flowers for Homesteader Health Foods and year after year expanding the gardens in the front and backyard of her fixer-upper character home in downtown Fort St. John. She is an avid art collector and creator and when she's not cutting flowers and designing bouquets she's cutting fabric and stitching together quilts to get through the long winters. Finding an enormous amount of peace and joy in gardening, Vanessa expanded her services last year to include garden consultation and design. Through that endeavor she met Jane and is thrilled to have found a kindred spirit to help continue to transform gardens around the community through Crooked House Gardens!

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Crooked House Gardens Co-Creator

Jane brings a life long love + appreciation of flowers to this project. Her enthusiasm and ability to see the magical in the phsyical makes her a perfect partner in this endevour. 

She has worked as a Registered Massage Therapist + is a long-standing, trusted employee of Homesteader Healthfoods for over 15 years.

Massage therapy has given Jane an awareness of our hands and what they can accomplish. Through her work at Homesteader she understands the importance of supporting the garden with organic, sustainable practices.

Her grounded belief in the business of tending flowers is inspiring and she deeply recognizes the healing power + joy promoting gifts a garden will bring into your life.

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