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What is a Crooked House Garden?

Our gardens are made up of a handpicked selection of our most loved, highest-producing flower varieties that will have you cutting your very own bouquets from spring to first frost! Grown with the end bouquet in mind, our curated selection creates a combination of textures, colours and shapes that results in a beautiful bouquet sure to impress every time!


Included with each garden is 100+ plants, a Care Guide filled with info about each variety, care instructions, soil preparation, planting recommendations, cutting + bouquet care tips, as well as arranging techniques + much more!


Gardens Packages will be available for pick up May 18, 2024.


2024 Limited Edition Garden

Inspired by our close friends upcoming fall wedding we are offering a limited edition garden this year designed around her wedding colour a deep wine!

The 2024 Garden includes:

  • A curated selection of 120 unique varieties of pre-grown seedlings ready for planting 

  • 2 packages of additional filler and flowers easily grown from seed

  • 8 pre sprouted anemone plants

  • The Crooked House Flower Co. Garden Companion Guide which includes planting instructions, plant spacing, soil preparation, plant care, when and how to cut stems for bouquet making, bouquet care, arrangement tips and more

  • An invitation and materials for participation in our 2024 Community Wide Random Acts of Flowers Event

  • An invitation to participate and be entered into our Fall give-away contest

Gardens will be available for pick up May 18, 2024.

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