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After seeing the bouquets come into Homesteader Health Foods week after week Jane contacted the Crooked House Flower Co. and asked for help in her own garden. Amazed at the variety and uniqueness of the flowers in the bouquets, she wondered at the possibility of creating a garden of her own that she too could harvest bouquets from throughout the season.

Year after year trying to grow her own flower garden from wildflower seeds and regular annuals had Jane resigned to believing that she did not have the green thumb required to produce the garden she had always dreamt of. 

In spring 2020 Jane began growing the first ever Crooked House Garden. Following the care and instructions provided by the Crooked House Flower Co. her garden flourished. She was amazed at flower varieties that came like waves throughout the seasons from spring to early, mid and into late summer and fall. 

As a result of this garden Jane was able to arrange her own beautiful long lasting bouquets and for the first time enjoy a garden full of colour all summer long.


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